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Welcome to Counselling Network

Welcome to the Counselling Network. Our platform is designed to swiftly guide you to understanding and empathy, or to carefully select the right connection at your own pace. Featuring a comprehensive database of detailed counsellor profiles, we make it straightforward to find the ideal companion for your unique journey towards wellbeing. Here, discovering the support you need becomes an effortless endeavor.

As a budding network, we kindly ask for your patience. Like acorns that slowly grow into mighty oaks, our community of counsellors is steadily growing. Each new member brings added strength and diversity, enriching our forest of support. Join us in this growth phase as we transform, promising a robust canopy of care and guidance for all.


Counsellors Joining Our Community:

For just £120 + VAT / year, counsellors can join a network that highlights their expertise. We offer detailed profiles covering qualifications, specialisations, and philosophies, more than any other site. Suggestions for increased visibility are welcome; we aim to evolve to meet your needs. Counselling Network is about fostering meaningful connections for change, growth, and enrichment. Whether aiding self-discovery or guiding others, you're where you belong. Welcome to your next chapter.

Our Services

Counsellors £120 for 1 year + VAT

Elevate your professional presence on the premier platform distinguished by its unparalleled depth of insight and personalisation. At Counselling Network, we pride ourselves on offering more data points than any other counselling service, ensuring that every facet of your unique expertise, approach, and offerings is meticulously captured and conveyed. With over 984 distinct data points spanning therapy types, personal bios, session modalities (online or face-to-face), language proficiencies, and much more, our platform provides a rich tapestry of information that allows clients to find their ideal match with unprecedented precision